This is one of the products of GoodNote Indonesia. The purpose of  designing this giftset is to provide the unique local souvenir in my hometown, Bogor, which is located in West Java, Indonesia.

Bogor hampers

Notebook Bogor 6

Bogor Postcard
Indonesia is very rich for its culture, nature, and foods. Moreover, the number of tourists come to Indonesia continues to grow. There are also many Indonesian art workers and creative people who really have great potential.

The number of tourists that keeps increasing should be supported with local products that can be brought home by the tourists after their visit. Unfortunately, especially in Bogor, the souvenirs available is less of option and variation. Most of them are foods, which is not long-lasted. Furthermore, local designer and creative workers mainly work as individual, still struggling to show their works by their own and searching how to get money through their skill and passion.

GoodNote wants  to collaborate with creative local people to design and create products with good quality, good value, and also good in aesthetic. They do need a place to express their talent and also to gain benefits and make a good impact to the society. So, we start from one city called Bogor. We design set of goods that represent the characteristic and uniqueness of the city.

At first, we did an online research to gain knowledge and understanding about the people habits on traveling and buying souvenirs from the visited place. We also collected user feedbacks about what kind of goods they usually buy, where they buy it, and for whom. At the end, we also ask their recommendation about what they want, especially on what kind of good they wish available which is good for a souvenir.

Based on the insight from the research, we decided to make a giftset consists of notebook, postcard, and totebag. I used to be the one who was responsible to design the products. It must be describing Bogor in general and suitable for tourist. Because of that, the picture that has been chosen is a city tourist map, displaying the places in Bogor which are necessary and good to be visited. Inside the notebook, there are some information about some facts and the history of Bogor. We hope that it can educate tourists and help them to remember their experiences visiting Bogor, what they do, and where they go.

This is the preview of the notebook:

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