April 2015

Design a new feature (“Wishlist”) for website


  1. Create flow diagram
  2. Doing Competitive Analysis
  3. Sketching
  4. Prototyping


Blibli is one of the biggest e-commerce company in Indonesia. I used to work there as a UX Designer intern and hold some projects, one of them was designing a new feature for the website, called “Wishlist”.



First of all, I did some researches about wishlist feature on e-commerce or other similar platforms. I had to know what is that, what is the function, why people use that feature, why people don’t use that feature, what are the benefits for the users and the company. I ended up with this flow of thinking.



Overall, customers use wishlist to store products they want to buy or they wish they could buy. It helps them to organize and manage their wish-list so that when they have enough money, they could open the list and able to buy it more quickly because they don’t have to search the product again. It will make the customer do a registration process to save their list and suggest them to come back to the store to view their list and finally buy the products.

benchmark table of wishlist feature that provided by some competitors (2015)

Wishlist page on



I made some sketches of pages and interaction process that are related with “Wishlist”.



I built the prototype using  software named “Axure”.

I added a new button below the “BELI” (BUY) button. The wishlist button “Tambahkan ke Wishlist” was white with the green stroke and a love icon on the left. If users press that button, the product (Tomica Toyota) will be stored at the wishlist.

This is the design  of wishlist page. There was list of products saved by user. On the left side, It shows the photo of each product, price, availability, and option to remove it from the list. The right side shows the primary green button to buy product, social media buttons to share that wishlist, and text to tell users that the product is out of stock and they will receive an email notification later when the product is available.

It has been launched several months after I design the first version and some improvements added to make it better. You can see it and experiencing this feature by yourself if you already have an account at