Visit Puncak is my final thesis project for accomplishing Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Bogor Agricultural University. Its focus was designing good UX for mobile app called Visit Puncak, a platform for estimating visitor arrivals at Puncak Ecotourism, Bogor, West Java, Indoensia.

Designing a mobile app called “Visit Puncak” which focus on User Experience (UX)

The Wheel Lifecycle (Hartson and Pyla 2012)


  1. Analyze: user works and needs
  2. Design: persona, sketching, and making storyboard
  3. Medium-fidelity prototype
  4. Testing: think aloud
  5. Heuristic Evaluation

I made this project with The Wheel Lifecycle , a UX template introduced by Hartson and Pyla.

The Wheel Lifecycle

Defining Problem
Puncak is one of the popular travel destinations in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Unfortunately, the bad traffic is oftenly happen there. It affects the decrement of tourist satisfaction when they come to visit Puncak. Furthermore, people are mostly hard to find out which places and facilities available there.

Proposing Solution
Visit Puncak (VP) is a mobile application which was designed to estimate the density of Puncak visitors and serve any information about the destination in Puncak.

I built a persona, a specific character of reaistic individual as a technique for making users real and allowed me to do specific design for a product (Visit Puncak app) that suits users.

Persona Visit Puncak

I draw a storyboard that describes the user journey and scenario while visiting Puncak and use the mobile app. It shows on how user interact with the product.

storyboard visit puncak

Sketch – Wireframe – Prototype
At first, I used to do some sketches on paper, the choosen sketches then made into digital black and white wireframe. Finally, I made the design with the attention on how it looks and feels.

After all that design-things, I added some useful interaction on a high-fidelity prototype. I built a prototype using Axure RP Pro. Click here to play the protoype!